How to Lose Weight with Google Docs

Tracking your goals can either be done by hand or through a website or app. Keeping a log not only helps you set goals but it helps you check your progress. Google docs is a great FREE tool you can use to track your progress from your desktop, smart phone or ipads.

Getting Started

Step 1

Sign up for a free Gmail account.

If you already have one, continue to step 2

Step 2

Go to  and click the go to Google docs’ button.

Google docs front page image

Step 3

Sign in using your Gmail account.

When you sign in, you will be taken to a screen pictured below

Google Docs menu image

Step 4

Click on the menu button and scroll down to drive and click.

Step 5

Click the New button to open a new folder and scroll down and click folder. 

A new folder box pop up will appear. Name the folder something like “Mary’s workout plan” and click create.



How to add a log sheet to your folder.

Step 1

Download the log sheet that I have provided below.

Step 2

Go to menu link and click the “new button” and scroll to new folder. After you create the folder double click it to open the folder.